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Solar Panel Installation Service for Beavercreek, OH        

At Double T Roofing, we take pride in the renewable energy sources we provide for residents across the Yellow Springs, OH, region. From homeowners to local businesses, we can help your property save energy and run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

What Is Photovoltaic Solar Energy?

Photovoltaic solar (PV) is a renewable energy source that captures light from the sun and converts it directly into electricity. Our goal is to work directly with customers to better understand their electrical consumption so we can provide them with the most efficient PV system at a more than competitive price. 

Thermal Power Installations

Thermal solar is very similar to PV solar, except, instead of converting sunlight into electricity, thermal solar captures the sun's heat, warming or even boiling water (depending on the client’s specific needs). That water can be used for reducing or eliminating boiler cost, for radiant heating in a garage or house, or to simply keep your hot water tank full for seemingly endless hot water. Get in touch with Double T Roofing for expert thermal power installations.

Windmill Installations

Wind turbines capture kinetic energy from the wind, spinning a turbine and creating electricity. This renewable energy source has many unique and common applications, such as residential, commercial, and single units (like a greenhouse separate from existing power). It is most effectively used in large open areas where the wind is the strongest. Often, we will install wind turbines for clients whose needs are not met by PV solar or thermal solar.

Call Double T Roofing for Solar Installations

Reach out to Double T Roofing today for windmill installations and other forms of renewable energy sources. Remember that these are not custom units; we just provide expert installations. Call now to learn more!